SYME is an English-immersion program with locations in Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea. We provide the environment to help students improve English skills: pronunciation, listening, conversation, reading, and writing. Many SYME graduates are able to further their education overseas or to serve with international organizations.

At SYME, we speak English only daily from 7:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. Since our teachers are native English speakers, students enjoy an English experience similar to traveling to an English speaking country. The SYME experience has helped many to raise their MPT and TOEIC scores.

The full course is 8 months of English-immersion, also training students in 32 Christian discipleship and leadership topics. SYME also uses the Word of Life Bible club program to train students in youth ministry.

Potential Students

To enter…

  • must be a high school graduate
  • must have an entry level of English ability
  • must desire to be trained in English and Christian discipleship by native English teachers and trainers
  • must complete the application process



To request an application, please write: South Korea Japan Taiwan